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Top 10 Best Hollywood Movies on Hacking

Best Hollywood Movies on Hacking :- Many internet user in the world learn hacking for just fun or tech stuff. Today in this article we are sharing best hollywood movies on hacking. This movies not show you how to hack but it just motivate for hacking. Hollywood is big collection of hacking movies and it is very defficult to choose and put in top 10 best hollywood movies based on hacking. We have made best hollywood hacking movies and if you have something more to add feel free to suggest in comment section.

best hollywood hacking movie

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List of Best Hollywood Movies on Hacking

The Matrix Movie is based on sciense fiction based on hacking by wachowski brothers. This movie about Neo is average programmer by day but at night becomes a malevolent hacker. The matrix is a trilogy movie series. A hacker learns from mysterious rebels about nature of his reality. The Matrix Rating  on IMDB = 8.7/10. 

When comes to top hollywood hacking movies hackers is the best hacking movie. This movie got complete series are hackers1, hackers2, hackers3 and so on. In this movie a young boy is arrested for writing a pc virus and is banned from using pc until his 18th birthday. This movie based on cyber war zero cool role by jonny lee miller and angelina jolie. Hackers Rating  on IMDB = 6.2/10. 

Live Free or Die Hard is the fourth film of Die Hard series. This movie based on hacking and take down complete country by an attect in grids. Gabrial planned to take down all financial transection record of country. The die hard movie series is famous for NYPD officer John MClane. Live Free or Die Hard Rating  on IMDB = 7.2/10. 

War Games movie is award winner about the young high school student hacker who initiated nuclear warhead by mistake and possible a start world war 3. It Challange him to a game between russia and america. War Games Rating  on IMDB = 7.1/10. 

Take down movie is based on famous hacker kevin david mitnick is present working as american computer security consultant. When kevin arrested for cyber crime he was in the list of most wanted cyber criminal. This movie about how a hacker turned down in country computer security counselor. Take Down Rating  on IMDB = 6.3/10. 

Swordfish is an american action crime thriller film Director of this movie is dominic sena. In swordfish movie a young man is hacker and villain is Gabriel is convinced him to hack security system and make her daughter back. Swordfish Rating  on IMDB = 6.5/10. 

The Net movie about angela bennet is computer programmer and know all secrets of the goverment. angela bennet decides to take first vacations in serval years she embroiled in web of computer. The Net Rating  on IMDB = 5.8/10. 

Snackrs is one of the best hacking movie. In Sneakers movie thier group of hackers involved in Mafia and NSA they expert to testing the computer security system. This movie complex but lighthearted thriller about cryptography and computers. Sneakers Rating  on IMDB = 7.1/10. 

Tron comes almost 34 years later. In Tron a hacker is transported into digital universes of the grid. Legacy is second installment of tron. Hacker is literally abducted into the world of a computer and force to participate in game. Tron Rating  on IMDB = 6.8/10. 

Black hat is best hacking movie till date. Blackhat is hacker that hack computer security system and network for financial gain. Blackhat movie earn 20 million. Blackhat Rating  on IMDB = 5.4/10.   

Antitrust Rating  on IMDB = 6.1/10.

Reboot Rating  on IMDB = 4.1/10.

ExistentZ Rating  on IMDB = 6.8/10.

The Lawnmower Man Rating  on IMDB = 5.4/10.

23 Rating  on IMDB = 7.3/10.

Cyberbully Rating  on IMDB = 7.1/10.

Mr. Robot Rating  on IMDB = 8.8/10.

Open Windows Rating  on IMDB = 5.2/10.

Piretes of Silicon Valley Movie Rating  on IMDB = 7.3/10.

Freedom Downtime Rating  on IMDB = 7.6/10.

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