Thursday, July 28, 2016

Top 10 Android Hacking Apps - Turn Your Android Phone Into Hacking Machine

Top Android Hacking Apps and Android Hacking Tools : Hey Guys today we are going to share top android hacking apps and android hacking tools for your android samrtphone. This top android hacking apps turn your android smartphone into a hacking machine. With android hacking apps and android hacking tools you can do many task.

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Android is one of the best and most commonly used Operating system (OS) and most of guys own android phone because of millions of apps available in android market. Android is one of the best open source plateform and amazing features at low cost. We can easily access hidden features of android. Android operating system is linxu based operating system so there are many top android hacking apps available in android market.   

Top Android Hacking Apps

1. Hackode :

Hackode is a tollbox for hackers. This app made for penetration tester, cyber security professional , ethical hackers and IT administrator to perform amazing task. Hackode include many function and tools like Google hacking, IP, DNS Dig, Scanning, Exploits, Whois, Reconnaissance, DNS lookup, Traceroute, Ping, Google Dorks, Security Rss Feed, MX records and many more. Hackode app is in beta version but yet very effective and easy to use. This app is one of the best and most populer for beginners. Nearly 550000 people install hackode app.

2. ApkInspector : Top Android Hacking Apps

ApkInspector is one of the best and most powerful GUI (Graphical User Interface) tools for analyze the android app. This android application is used for reverse engineering. By using ApkInspector app you can easily get source code of android app to visulize compiled android packages and their DEX code. You can easily edit any android apps in order to remove credits and license and you can create clone of any android apps.

3.Androidrat : Top Android Hacking Apps

The name of androidrat is mix of two name of android and rat (Remote access tool) Androidrat app is a remote administration tool for android. The main goal of androidrat app is to provide control of android system and retrive important information from it. Androidrat is client - server app devloped in java android for the client side in java - swing for server. For use this you need to NoIP domain, Androidrat blinder and basic computer knowledge. Before download this app you must disable your antivirus. Androidrat is used to control system without physiacl access to the system. Using androidrat app you can do many amazing task like Give call, Do vibrate mobile, Send message, Get all contects, Get messages, Get call history, Monitoring phone state, Do a toast, Streaming video and many more.

4. Wifi Kill : Top Android Hacking Apps

Slow speed of your wifi irritating you? Using wifi kill app you can kill internet connection of any device present same wifi network in which you are connected and kick out other users from a shared wireless connection. This app is mostly similer to net cut app in windows operating system. Wifi kill is one of the best and most populer open source eathical hacking app. This app is mostly useful when wifi not protected by a strong password. Wifi kill is easy to use and you can cut the wifi by just a few clicks on your android device. Make sure your android device is rooted to use this app. The app tricks your victims device into thinking your android is the wifi router. This app is available on google play store for free.

5. SpoofApp : Top Android Hacking Apps

SpoofApp is allow you to place calls with any caller id number. This app allow you to use your spoofcard account. You can manipulate what number show on your friens or family phone when you call. Also you can record the all conversation and using voice feature we can change our voice. The main feature of this app is no root required, Anti Ban software, Work on all android device and many more.

6. Droidsheep : Top Android Hacking Apps

Droidsheep app is one of the best app for beginners and easily used by who has an android device. This app devloped for a noble course. but exploit to perform evil acts. Droidsheep app performs security analysis in wireless network and capturing google plus, facebook, reddit, linkedin, twitter and many other accounts. This app detect ARP spoofing on the network and any person can test the security of his account. This hacking app capture social account by hijacking session on android smartphone available on your nework.

7. zAnti : Top Android Hacking Apps

zAnti is one of the best mobile penetration testing toolkit for professional hackers. Using penetration testing toolkit you can easily penetrate any device on your network. This app provide cloud based reporting that walk you through guidelines. zanti was devloped for cyber security by zimperium mobile security. zanti enabes compex audits and penetration test at the push button. You can perform MITM attact on device on your network.


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