Friday, July 1, 2016

How To Fix Error 2147500037 While Printing In Windows 7

Many windows 7 user get error code 2147500037 with message "An error occurred while windows was trying to print your homegroup password".

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fix error 2147500037

How to fix error 2147500037?

Method To Fix Error 2147500037 in Windows 7

Method 1 :-
Set Your default browser as Internet Explorer
1) First Go to start menu and type Set Your Default Programs
fix error 2147500037

2) Click on Internet Explore and click set this program as default

fix error 2147500037

3) After click on ok.
Now try to print in many case set default browser is work.

Method 2 :-
1) First Go to all contol panel iteams in windows 7 and select system and security option.
2) After That click on Windows update option and update your operating system.

Method 3 :-
1) First Go to start menu and type System Restore
fix error 2147500037

2) Check on Recommended restore option and click on next button.
3) After that click on finish button.


  1. Great information shared. Though I haven't faced this issue but its always good to have knowledge for emergency situations.

  2. Nice tip. Thanks for posting it. I'm also using this website to fix such errors.