Friday, July 15, 2016

15+ Best Hidden iPhone Secret Codes [UPDATE]

Best Hidden iPhone Secret Codes : Apple iPhone is one of the best and most populer smartphone in mobile market. Apple iphone getting populer day by day there are many hidden features that user can access via iphone secret codes. Many Apple users don't know the iPhone secret codes. There are many secret codes and hidden features availablr in iphone. iphone include many backdoor to access some hidden features via secret codes. These secret codes is combination of numbering and symbolic codes. These iphone secret codes can increase your knowledge about apple iphone. For use these codes you just have open dialer and type secret code. So today we are sharing some iphone secret codes. May be some of secret codes not work on specific device but you can try these secret codes. 

iPhone Secret Codes

*#06# :
This code helps to know IMEI number of any apple iphone. IMEI number is identifier of your phone. This code work on any
smart phone.

*#67# :
This iphone secret code help to check number in order to set for call forwarding when your phone is on call or busy.

*#21# :
This code used to check information about call forwarding.

##002# :
This code helps to disables all call forwarding.

*#31# :
This code used for hide your phone number.

*#30# :
You can use this code for know about block or allow the number calling you.

*#33# :
This secret code helps to get information about outgoing calls, data usage, text sms and show they are enable or desable.

*#61# :
This code helps to know about missed calls.

*#43# :
You can use this code for verify status of data, sms and sync data.

*225# (For Postpaid Only):
This iphone secret code used for check bill balance.

*646# (For Postpaid only):
This secret code display your availabe minutes and seconds.

*777# :
This code used for check available account balance.

*#76# :
Using this code you can check connected line presentation is enable or desable. 

*3282# :
This code help to know about the use of information.

*3370# :
Enhanced Full Rate improve your phone voice quality.

*3001#12345# :
This iphone secret code help to display your iphone inner settings, newest network and you are able to find updade information your cell network.

*#5005*7672# :
This code used for check SMS center.

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  1. I dont think that normal programmer gonna hack something using their phone, they use normal laptop or PC for these goals