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Top Best Web Browser For MAC [Latest Update] - 2016

In This article we are going to share the best browsing for MAC. Web browser is important and regular task for internet users. Today internet is basic requirement for every people. Without browser internet can not be access. Web browser is basically the program it is installed in PC, Laptop, MAC, Smartphone and many other device used for retrieving and traverding information across the world wild web. The best web browser for android and windows is not best for MAC. Each operating system has different features and requirement.

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best browser for MAC

Whether you want to shop online, read online news, whatch online movies, send email, listen music online, chat with friends on social networking site, YouTube, Play online game and many more for this you need web browser. Internet speed is not only depends on your ISP speed. there are depends on many other factors. where web browser is most important part There are many web browser for MAC availabe in internet but which is the best web browser for MAC. So Today in this article i'm sharing best web browser for MAC.

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Best Web Browser For MAC OS In 2016

1) Apple Safari - Best Web Browser For MAC

Apple safari is the best browser for MAC that is the default in every Macbook or iMac. Safari is official web browser provide by Apple for MAC. safari is the clean and awesome design with icloud integration, one click sharing, RSS integration, speed dial, compelling visual balance and many more feature make it the best MAC web browser. Interface of safari is the very awesome and it allow fast browsing. Most of Mac user consider safari as default web browser and apple provide great support because both product is devloped by same company. When apple product used on non-apple product most of features may not work properly. Moreover safari is best browser who are looking for fast internet speed and safe browsing. The latest version of the safari browser has many advanced features.

best browser for MAC

Features of Apple Safari :-

1) Low battery consumption compared to other web browser.
2) Best performance and user satisfaction.
3) Cloud integration is most important feature of safari browser.
4) Speed of safari is more faster than other browser.
5) Safari block third party cookie.
6) Security and privacy encryption for online security. 
7) Speed dial is very good looking in safari browser.    
8) Easy browsing using share menu.
9) Multiple extensions available in apple store.
10) Seamlessly browsing across any apple device.

2) Google Chrome :- Best Web Browser For MAC

Google chrome is the old and best web browser for MAC. it is best browser for any type of device like Android, Windows or MAC. Google chrome is user friendly, fastest and easy to use for MAC users. It is developed by Google. Google chrome has minimal interface and uncluttered that requires the basic skill to use this browser. Google chrome updating new feature like HTML standard compliances, Fast browsing, Java Script performance, controlling option, Plugins, built-in flash rendering engine and many more which make best and user friendly browser. Google chrome has great support to not only MAC user but other like Android and Windows. 

best browser for MAC

Features of Google Chrome :-

1) Interface is perfact with minimal option.
2) Google chrome increase surfing speed and user friendly browser.
3) Multiple chrome versions available for MAC, Android and Windows.
4) Clutter free environment
5) Fast execution of Web pages.
6) Thousands of chrome extension are available.
7) Faster than other browser.
8) Secure and safe browsing with all search engine.
9) Without freezing you can open multiple tab.  

3) Mozilla Firefox :- Best Web Browser In 2016

Mozilla Firefox is another one of the oldest and best web browser for MAC. It regularly update and recommends updates that user choose to install. Mozilla firefox comes with many features like plugins, malware protection, pop up ads blockers, add-ons that make it one of the best browser for MAC. The browser has the best and user friendly interface. Firefox store the log in and form information for different account. Mozilla firefox is the best internet browser for MAC. 
best browser for MAC

Features of Mozilla Firefox :-

1) Available many variety of Add-ons. 
2) Fluid user experience.
3) Inbuilt ad blocker which block annoying ads.
4) Spell checker available to improve languge.
5) Include live titles and live bookmarks.
6) Lot of Plugins available to improve internet experience.
7) Include Tab browsing to improve surfing.
8) Integrated search engines.

4) Torch Browser :- Best Web Browser For MAC

Torch browser is best browser for MAC OS. This browser is same as google chrome and support every chrome extension. It comes with many features like torch torrent, media gabber, Torch games, Torch music, social side bar, emoticons, torrent, video download options and many more. Torch browser has increase popularity very quickly by providing important features and great support. 

best browser for MAC

Features of Torch Browser :-

1) Torch browser suppotr all google chrome extensions.
2) Support all torrent downloading.
3) This browser save your time by real time notification.
4) Best surfing experience.
5) Secure and safe browsing.

Opera :- Best Web Browser For MAC

Old version of opera to slow browser. but now opera browser know as high speed browser. Latest version of opera is user friendly, fast and smooth web browsing. Opera is the best browser for who have slow internet connection it can help in increasing loading speed. Opera allow easy navigation of windows and tabs. It include many features like bookmark bar, rendering, off road mode, tabbed browsing, server side compression and add-one. Opera is safe, fast and software is secure from malware.
best browser for MAC

Features of Opera :-

1) Opera is totally smooth browser.
2) Easy to preview of webpages by the mouse cursor to the tab
3) Easy navigation in Tabs.
4) Torrent download options.
5) Opera email for easy to manage your emails
6) Various Mouse gestures are available for fast browsing.
7) Available RSS feed reader. 
8) Easy manage all the notes from Evernote.


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