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(New) Top 20 Whatsapp Tricks and Tips {Update}

Top Secret Whatsapp Tricks and Tips All About Whatsapp Tricks

Whatsapp is most powerfull and widely used instant messaging app for mobile like Android, iphone, Blackberry and many more. But do you know about some important and most powerful tips and tricks of whatsapp. Today in this article i am going to show you top whatsapp tricks like how to use Run Multiple Whatsapp Account in single android device. how to Spy your Friend's Whatsapp Account. how to Use Whatsapp Without Phone Number. how to Use Whatsapp Without Internet connection. how to Hack Your Friends Whatsapp Account. how to Create Fack Whatsapp Conversation. how to Recover Lost or Deleted Whatsapp Mesaage. how to Share PDF, ZIP, RAR, APK, EXE and Other Files With Whatsapp and many more whatsapp tricks.
Whatsapp trick and tips

1) How to Run Multiple Whatsapp Account in a Single Android Device - Whatsapp Tricks

Most of people are searching on the internet how to install two whatsapp account in single android phone. Most of android phone with dual SIM card but whatsapp restricts user to create only one account on a mobile. Don't worry today with this tricks you will able to run two whatsapp account in one android phone. There are many application available to use two whatsapp account like GBWhatsapp, 2 line for whatsapp, Disa and many more. but in this article i show you run two whatsapp account using GBWhatsapp.
Whatsapp tricks

Run Two Whatsapp account using GBWhatsapp

This is the easy and most effective method to run two whatsapp in single device. GBWhtsapp is modified app of Whatsapp. GBWhatsapp modified for use two whatsapp account in single phone. GBWhatsapp is best alternative of OGWhatsapp. The best advantage of GBWhatsapp is work with rooted and non-rooted android device.

Follow below step to Use two whatsapp account in one android device.
1) First Download latest version of GBWhatsapp.
2) Install GBWhatsapp latest version in your android device.
3) After install open GBWhatsapp and enter your mobile number and verify your number.
Now you are using multiple Whatsapp account in your single android device.

2) How to Spy your Friend's Whatsapp Account - Whatsapp Tricks 

Whatsapp Tricks

How to spy other Whatsapp account is most searched keyword on the internet. It is possible ?? Yes it is possible to spy your friend's or any other Whatsapp account. Using this Whatsapp trick you can esaily check other Whatsaap conversation(Chat). For spy any Whatsapp account you need to download whatsapp spy application. Using Whatsapp spy app you check all whatsapp conversation, media exchange of your friend and any other. Download latest version of Whatsapp Spy app from Play store. 

3) How to Use Whatsapp Without Phone Number

Yes, You can Use Whatsapp Without phone number. Follow below steps to use whatsapp without phone number
1) First Uninstall Whatsapp from your android device.
2) Download latest version of Whatsapp
3) After download Enable flight mode on your android device
4) Install Whatsapp and enter your mobile number. whatsapp will not able to send message to server for verify number because of enable flight mode on your android device.
5) And choose check throught SMS and insert your real email id.
6) Now click on send button and quickly click on cancle button and authorization process stop.
7) After this downlaod latest version of spoof messages apps from playstore and install in your android device.
8) Open spoof messaging app and enter below detail.
To :- +447900347295
From :- Your Mobile Number with country code
Message :- Type real Your Email Id
Spoof message application now verify whatsapp account and Enjoy Whatsapp account without phone number.

4) How to Use Whatsapp Without Internet - Whatsapp Tricks

We have explained how to use whatsapp without internet tricks here :- How to Use Whatsapp Without Internet.  

5) Change Chat Background Wallpaper of Whatsapp

Whatsapp tricks

Follow below steps To Change whatsapp background wallpaper.
1) First go to Whatsapp and click on three vertical dots on the right corner.
2) New pop-box will open here last click on setting.
3) Now go to Chat > Wallpaper option and change with your favourite background wallpaper.

6) How to Hack Your Friends or other Whatsapp Account

Hack whatapp account is very simple and easy trick. For Hack your friend Whatsapp account you need to your friend phone only two or three minutes and follow below steps.
1) Connect your friend android phone to your laptop or PC via USB cable.
2) And find Whatsapp/Database folder.
3) There are two file nanme are msgstore-yyyy..dd..db.crypt and second file -msgstore.db.crypt
4) Copy these two file to computer and rename first file to msgstore.db.crypt and rename second file to msgstore.db.crypt5
5) Now Uninstall Whatsapp
6) after that copied these two file to whatsapp/database on your android device.
7) Install whatsapp in your android device.
8) Whatsapp ask for restore. And restore all messages, Now all your friend whatsapp conversation show on your phone.

7) Protect your Whatsapp Account With Password

Whatsapp account is important for evey whatsapp users. And We always need to safe your whatsapp account from hacker and any other. Here i am showing best application that protect your whatsapp account with password security lock. Using this application always your whatsapp account will be safe. There are many appliaction available in internet i use whatsapp lock app. Download latest version of Whatsapp lock application from play store. After download install whatsapp lock app in your android device and add password. Now your whatsapp account is fully safe.

8) How to Hide Last Seen, Profile Picture and Status - Whatsapp Tricks

whatsapp tricks

For security or any other purpose you need hide your whatsapp last seen and profile picture. first download lateat latest version of whatsapp from play store because hide profile picture option is available only in latest version of whatsapp. For Hide Last seen, Profile Picture, and Status on your whatsapp account just you need to go to Setting > Account > Privacy. Here three option are Last seen, Profile Photo, and Status seen by Everyone, My contect or Nobody. If you hide last seen you not see other last seen.

9) How to Create Fack Whatsapp Conversation - Whatsapp Tricks

We have explain how to Create Fack Whatsapp conversation trick here :- How to Create Fack Whatsapp Conversation  

10) Recover Lost(Deleted) Whatsapp Mesaage - Whatsapp Tricks

Recover Deleted whatsapp message is most important whatsapp trick for every whatsapp user. If some reason you lost your important whatsapp message you can easily recover your lost whatsapp messages because whatsapp save your all Whatsapp message on SD card. For recover deleted whatsapp message
follow below steps.
1) First Go to Whatsapp > Database folder 
2) Here you will see msgstore.db.crypt file which contain your same day send and received whatapp message. and second file is msgstore-yyyy..dd..db.crypt 
which store last seven day send and received message.
3) Open this file in notepad or wordpad and read message. 

11)How to Share PDF, ZIP, RAR, APK, EXE and Other Files With Whatsapp

Whatsapp allow you to share only text message, images, audio and video file. But using this trick you able to send PDF, ZIP, RAR, APK, EXE file with your friend and any other on whatsapp. Follow below steps to send this type of file using whatsapp.
1) First Download latest of cloudsend and dropbox application from play store.
2) After download install on your android device.
3) Now most important step is to open cloudsend and prompted to link with dropbox application.
4) After that share file on cloudsend and this file automatically upload on dropbox server.
5) Now copy the link and share with your friend on whatsapp.  

12) Turn On and Off Read Receipts

whatsapp tricks

For Turn on and off read receipts go to Whatsapp Setting > Account > Privacy. In Privacy folder last Read Receipts Option available to turn on and off read receipts. If read receipts is off you not see other people read receipts.

13) Change Your Whatsapp Number

whatsapp tricks

It is very simple Whatsapp tricks to change your whatsapp number without any losing of your chat, data and important file. Change whatsapp number first go to whatsapp Setting > Account > Change Number. Here enter your old and new whatsapp number and click on done. After verify your account old number change with new number.

14) Stop Auto Download of Image and Media - Whatsapp Trick

whatsapp trick

For stop auto downlaod of Image and media first go to whatsapp setting > Data usage > Media auto download. here you can set auto donload of image,
video and audio using Internet data, WiFi and roaming.

15) Backup and Restore Whatsapp Chats

whatsapp trick

To Backup and restore whatsapp chats just follow bleow steps.
First go to whatsapp Setting > Chat and calls > chat backup and click on backup
Whatsapp make automatic backup but you also make manual backup of your whatsapp chat.

16) Mark as Read Message on Whatsapp - Whatsapp Tricks

whatsapp trick

Mark as read message is very important feature on whatsapp. For apply this trick long press on any message and just click on starred messages.

17) Create Shortcut for Important Contact

Follow below steps to you can easily create your important contact shortcut on whatsapp
1) Press on Contect you want to create a shortcut.
2) After long press the pop-up menu will open.
3) click on Add conversation shortcut
4) And easily your contact shortcut will created.      

18) How to Write Bold, Italic and Fancy Text - Whatsapp tricks

Send a Bold, Italic and Strickethrought Text is very awesome whatsapp trick. For send bold text add (*) at the stat and end of the text message. For send Italic text add (_) at the stat and end of the text message. For send Strikethorugh add (~) at the stat and end of the text message.

19) Enable Custom Notification for a Particular Group

Follow Below Steps to Enable Custom Notification for a particular Group
1) First long press on group you need to enable custom notification
2) After that click on Group info option
3) Here click on custom notification option and tick on use custom notification.
4) After select Notification tone and select your tone for individual group.

20)Share Your Current Location With Your Friend On Whatsapp

 whatsapp trick

Follow below steps to Share your current location with your whatsapp friends.
1) First Enable GPS system on your android device.
2) After that go to Whatsapp and click on attechment option.
3) And Tap on Loacation icon and Share your current location with your whatsapp friends. 


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