Saturday, June 11, 2016

Create Fake Whatsapp Conversation On Android - Whatsapp Tricks

Whatsapp is best messaging application in the all over the world. we all use whatsapp to stay connected with your friend, famiey, etc. Today i sharing how to create fake whatsapp chat and prank your friends. Let's see step by step how to create whatsapp fake chat. 

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whatsapp fake conversation

How to Create Fake Whatsapp Conversation using Whatsfake

Craeting a fake Whatsapp conversation using Whatsfake is very simple and easy to create fack converstion and totaly looks like an original Whatsapp chat

Follow step by step guide to create fake whatsapp chat

  • Download Whatsfake application from below link and install in your android phone

 whatsapp fake chat my knowledge idea

  • After install open Whatsfake and looks blank screen with no chat
whatsapp fake conversation

  • Click on the above pen symbole and create a new fake profile.
whatsapp fake conversation

  • Create fake profile you just need to name and profile photo.
  • Next step set online mode on and typing mode off.
  • After complete click on Tick mark at the corner to create a fake profile.
whatsapp fake conversation
  • And you can able to create a fake whatsapp chat. And remember one thing you create both conversion frist message show like you send and next message like receive.     
whatsapp fake conversation

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