Friday, June 17, 2016

Create Fake Facebook Account Without Email Id or Phone Number

create facebook account without email or phone number

How To Create Fake Facebook Account Without Email Id or Phone Number 

Welcome back to MyKnowledgeIdea blog Today we are going to share about how to create Unlimited Facebook Account without any Email address and without any phone verification. So now you can use unlimitaed number of facebook account without any email. Now a day facebook security is very high so if you create facebook account you need email id or mobile number. But Using this awesome trick you don't need any mobile number or email id. and you can easily create facebook account.

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Follow below easy steps to create fake facebook account.

  • Firts go to and click on signup button.
  • And Enter any Random Name, Surname, Date Of Birth, Gender, etc.
  • Now Open site for create tempoary email.

create facebook account without email or phone number

  • And put any name in login box.
  • Select any domain name and click on save.
  • After that copy your temporary email
  • Now back on Facebook sign up page and past fake email address in email box.
  • After fill all details click on continue.
  • Now skip find friends and refreash temp-mail site tab.
  • And click on verify your facebook account.
  • You are successfully create facebook account.

If you are facing any error then follow below steps :-

  • Change Domain name on temp-mail site.
  • Change your IP address and clear browsing data.
  • Change your Browser.

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