Thursday, May 19, 2016

Top Ways to Increase Alexa Rank of Your Blog | Increase Alexa Rank

Increase Alexa Rank of Your Blog

What is Alexa :-

Alexa is an organization that provide information about the website traffic, total number of page views, Today's page view, Total site Backlink, and Provide country vice Traffic source.

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1)Write Quality and Unique Content :-

The First and most important things to increase Alexa rank is to write quality and unique content in your website. But do not copy the content of other website. The quality content always rank in google and you will get daily high quality traffic to your website and get higher rank in alexa. Always check your content on small seo tools after post your content on your website. small seo tool tell you the how many % of your content is unique or copied. Alexa will also check your search traffic to your website. so high traffic to your website gets better alexa rank.

2)Add Alexa Rank Widget on your Website :-

This is most important step to Put Alexa Rank Widget on your blog or Website. That will help you to increase alexa rank of your Website. Put alexa rank widget in footer area of your website to help increase alexa rank. Every click on your site is counted by this widget and increment your website alexa rank.

3)Install Alexa Toolbar on Browser :-

Alexa collect all website browsing data from its alexa rank toolbar and assign rank for all website. alexa toolbar include the current alexa rank and total visitor of the website. Install alexa toolbar in any browser like Mozila Firefox, Google Chrome.

4)Claim your Website :- 

After installing of alexa toolbar on browser claim your website with Alexa by creating account on alexa. claim will help alexa to understand your website traffic and automatic increase traffic on your website and Alexa rank.  

5)Social media Traffic to Increase Alexa Rank :-

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Social media is the one of the best and easy ways to increase your website traffic. Post your website link in social media site. Most important is Create your Facebook and Google+ page with your website link to get more high quality traffic and increase alexa rank. 

6)Build High quality Backlinks :-

Backlinks is the most important and effective ways to increase your website or blog alexa rank. Create a list of high ranked website or blog related to your website content. visit this site and comment with your related topics that increase your backlink and improve alexa rank. blog commenting  is the best way to get high google search rank and increase alexa rank fast.

7)Write about Alexa, Search Engine Optimization and Blogging :-

Many website write a content about Alexa, Blogging and SEO have high alexa rank and high quality trafic. So, it is highly  recommended to write a content about Alexa, Search Engine Optimization and Blogging to increase alexa ranking.    

8)Submit Sitemap to Google :-

Create a sitemap of your site and submit to google. create sitemap in XML formate to understand easy to google about your site structure. Google index your site very fast with sitemap. and your content will get high rank and increase your Alexa rank.

9)Submit your Website to Search Engine :-

Submit your Website to search engine like Google, Yahoo, Ask, Bing, MSN and many more to increase traffic. Also visit your website in the search engine and improve your alexa rank

10)Daily Post Fresh Content :-

Daily post fresh and unique content because your most of visitor daily visit your site for new update. and do not copy of other site content if you post copyright content you will not get high quality traffic and alexa rank not improve.


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